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Why use the Blackvue Vehicle Recorder?

  • Protect yourself against wrongful incrimination in the event of an accident
  • Without video evidence you may be found to be at fault for an accident you did not cause.
  • To record off road/track driving experiences for viewing pleasure.

What is the difference between the Blackvue units and the competitors?

  • Our unit offers Full HD (1080p) recording with a built in G-Sensor & GPS tracking capabilities
  • This means you get the best quality picture in a vehicle recorder combined with great features that truly make it a complete solution.
  • There is no unit available that even comes close to offering the HD recording quality and technology that is packaged into our products.

What does the Blackvue Vehicle Video Recorder do?

  • A vehicle video recorder will record your driving experience onto a micro SD card.
  • This card can then be removed from the unit and inserted into either a computer or Android Smart phone for video playback.
  • It has features that initiate special recording events based on what is happening to the car.
  • A sudden stop or rapid acceleration would trigger an event. This makes it easier when playing back your video to skip to that particular point and view what took place.

Who would use a Blackvue vehicle recorder?

  • Everyone who is concerned about their safety on the road should consider using one.
  • Anyone who has found themselves in a near accident situation.
  • You can use video evidence to corroborate your story and show what really happened
  • This gives you recourse and proof in situations where the law might automatically find you at fault for an accident. (Rear end collisions)
  •  Its GPS function allows it to function as a safety net for concerned parents who let their teenagers drive their vehicle.
  • If you let your children drive your car you can bet they will be on their best behaviour while driving and the GPS feature allows you to see exactly where they’ve gone on a Google Maps overlay.
  • Car enthusiasts can use it to record off-road and track events just as they would for regular day to day driving.

Why should I consider purchasing the Blackvue unit?

  • No one wants to think about getting into an accident but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared
  • With the recent rise in fraudulent automobile accidents there is even greater reason to be concerned
  • Most importantly, protect your insurance premiums from an unfair increase in the event of an accident
  • Motorists will come up with any story to put the blame on the other driver
  • It is not just your word against theirs anymore if Blackvue is your eye witness

How does the Blackvue unit receive power?

  • The unit can be powered directly via the included cigarette adapter
  • You can also choose to hardwire the unit to the vehicle so it starts when the car is started
  • We recommend a Power Magic power adapter for hardwire installations

How do you install the unit?

  • The unit is easy to install and comes with instructions for plug and play use.
  • For hardwire installations we always recommend to have it installed by a professional.
  • The cost of installation varies but the average labour time should only be about 30 minutes.
  • If you are in the UK or Ireland we have a national fitting service that we can direct you to.
  • Email us for a quote or go to our online shop for the latest prices for a installation.

What warranty is provided with the Blackvue Vehicle Recorder?

  • The unit comes with a one year manufacturer warranty.
  • In order to receive this warranty the unit must be purchased from an Authorized Dealer.
  • You must always refer back to the dealer that you purchased your unit from for servicing
  • Units purchased from eBay and similar channels are not eligible for any warranty coverage

Where do you ship to?

  • We ship to UK only.

Why shop with us?

• All Blackvue products are Official UK stock with English firmware and manual, No grey or parallel imports!

• Full email and phone support Monday – Friday 9am -6pm

• All orders shipped superfast to all of the UK within 1-3 working days guaranteed

• Full 1 year UK warranty with extended warranties also available , up to 2 years cover

• Nationwide fitting service for all Blackvue products

• 48hr warranty replacement scheme on all purchases

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What is a Vehicle drive recorder?

Vehicle drive recorders, also known as black boxes, dashcams or in car cameras are devices to shoot and save unexpected road incidents so they become your personal eyewitness on the road. The Cameras are discreet and easy to install, just place on your windscreen and they automatically record your journey as soon as you turn on your engine. With intuitive software you can play back your recordings on your computer or smartphone .Whether you are an individual or a professional like Law Enforcement agencies, Hauliers, Taxis or any Major fleet operators having a vehicle drive recorder installed has many benefits. With a estimated 30,000 “cash for crash” claims taking place in the UK every year, costing insurers around £350 million and pushing up premiums for honest ,innocent drivers by around £44 each. The benefits for installing a in car camera include –

Insurance discounts – Up to 15% discount, worth hundreds of pounds in many cases, is being offered if you have a camera installed.

Prevent collisions – Fleet operators see collision cost reductions of up to 80% in Work Accident Compensation and liability claims.

Prevent fraudulent claims – Car camera video captures irrefutable evidence when any event occurs, protecting drivers and fleets from fraudulent or other errant claims.

Prevent fuel waste – Typical reduction of up to 12% through the management of efficient driving, excessive idling and speeding.

Fleets also realize a variety of important indirect benefits from developing and maintaining safety. With a in car camera installed-

  • Protect your drivers from the devastating impact of being involved in a collision – and exonerating them when they are in a no-fault collision.
  • Protect your brand by minimizing high-profile collisions that might end up on the evening news.
  • Exemplify good corporate citizenship by contributing to a safer and more environmentally conscious community
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