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Official Blackvue Shop FAQ

How to connect Blackvue to the power supply?

1. If you don’t use Blackvue all the time, then connect the power cable to the black box and to the cigar jack in your car.

2. If you use it all the time, then connect it to your car’s battery using our Power Magic or Power Magic Pro to prevent car battery discharge.

Where should I install a Blackvue in my car?

If you are going to use it as front camera, then put behind the rear-view mirror right on the front window. Set lens angle 3 part – sky, 2 parts ground, so that the hood would be seen only slightly and windshield wipers not seen at all.

What SD card should I buy?

SD cards may have compatibility issues, so Pittasoft tests every single SD card we sell. So, we advise to buy SD cards from Pittasoft. Please remember, that Pittasoft is not responsible for breakdown caused by an SD card purchased from a third-party retailer.

Does it support audio recording and voice guide?

Yes, both audio recording and voice guide are supported. Voice guide lets you easily check Blackvue operation status. Audio Recording can be switched off.

How to check real-time video (AV)?

Can I use Blackvue in a sun tinted car?

Yes, because Blackvue can record videos both at day and at night. However, daytime videos are brighter than night time videos. All vehicle video recorders work this way.

How sensitive is Motion Detection?

Blackvue sensor can detect a human from 20 meters and a vehicle from 30-40 meters away.

Can the video be recorded when the engine is off?

Yes, if you connect the black box to your car’s battery using our Power Magic, Power Magic Pro or Power Magic Pro+ you can use the black box all the time.

How to format an SD card?

First, go to Blackvue Shop Support tab and download SD Card Formatter from the downloads page –

Plug your SD card in the computer, run SD Card Formatter and click “format” button.
Quick: Use it for quick format or to eliminate simple errors.
Full (Erase OFF): Complete formatting, including system files.
Full (Erase ON): “Deep” formatting.

I cannot play Blackvue videos on my smartphone.

If you have Blackvue app, then delete and reinstall it, and try to play your videos again.
*It is either Blackvue app does not see videos from the SD card or your smartphone might not support Full HD playback. Alternatively try Mobo Player or MX PLAYER.
Note: encoding program might slowdown the smartphone.
1. How to play Full HD video on Galaxy S: from the box Galaxy S supports only 720p playback, but there are players which can play 1080p scarifying some fps. One of them is free Mobo Player.
*Galaxy S2 supports 1080p playback so you do not need any additional software to play Blackvue videos.
2. Here is a model list of Android smartphones and tablets which support Full HD playback.

Date when the video was made is incorrect.

In Blackvue models without GPS automatic time and date setting is not available. To set time follow the instructions below.
1. Format your SD card using SD Card Formatter and update the firmware.
2. Go to and download the Blackvue TimeSet Software
1. Please, update your firmware first.
2. Set not the current time, but the time when you are going to drive and therefore use Blackvue
3. Booting will take approximately 13-15 seconds after you plug in the power cable. So, please, keep this in mind when setting time.

I keep hearing “Please Check the SD card” from my

You hear “Please Check the SD card” message when your SD card has been through too many read-write cycles, which causes bad sectors, clusters, blocks. If you don’t make disk check your files on the SD card might get broken. Thus it is advised to perform disk check at least 1 time a week. To do that please follow these steps.

  1. On your PC desktop click Start->Type cmd into the search. Now you see that command prompt
  2. Type in CHKDSK H:/F: (H: letter of your SD card drive) and hit “Enter”
  3. If there are any bad sectors fix them
  4. If all bad sectors cannot be fixed at once perform the above procedure several times
  5. After formatting the SD card, download compatible firmware and install it

There is nothing installed on the SD card.

SD cards coming with DR300/DR350/DR300G had all software installed on them. However, DR380G-HD, DR400G-HD II, DR500GW, and DR550GW-2CH come with empty SD cards. When you plug the card you’re your Blackvue all the software gets automatically installed.

3rd-party car battery discharge prevention device?

Yes, you can, but every vehicle video recorder’s voltage differs approximately 0.1 – 0.5 V which might affect Blackvues operating, thus we discourage you from using third-party car battery discharge prevention devices. Moreover, if it causes Blackvue breakdown, Pittasoft is not responsible for that. So, please, use PowerMagic or PowerMagic Pro.

Can I watch real-time video on my smartphone?

So far, it is not possible. However, you plug in the SD card from Blackvue to your Android smartphone to watch recorded footage with Blackvue app.

Isn’t it dangerous to install a UPS unit?

If you install our uninterrupted power supply unit (PowerMagic, PowerMagic Pro) after you parked, set up time or voltage level after which the power is cut automatically, it is not dangerous. However, even after uninterrupted power supply unit installation, your car battery might discharge for natural causes if you do not drive for a long time.

Can Blackvue firmware be updated via Blackvue app?

Yes, it’s possible, however prior to firmware update you have to format the SD card on your computer using SD Card Formatter. (Smartphone formatting technology varies from handset ot handset and just might not deliver desired result).

What do voice guide phrases exactly mean?

“Blackvue for your safe driving.” – Blackvue system start
“Starting normal recording.” – Normal recording is on
“The Blackvue is now shutting down.” – Blackvue system shutdown
“Parking mode enable.” – Parking mode is on
“Parking mode disable.” – Parking mode is off
“No SD card. Please insert the SD card.” – No SD card in the slot
“Please Check the SD card.” – Blackvue cannot recognize the SD card/SD card not responding/SD card reading, writing or erasing error/SD card writing speed is too slow so it is unable to record videos
“The version information is different.” – System language is different/Config version is different
“Normal recording disable.” – Normal recording is off
“Upgrading the Blackvue. Please do not turn off the power.” – Update is being installed
“Restarting the Blackvue.” – Restart after update installation
“Resetting the time.” – System time is being adjusted
“The model information is different.” – Different model/Version number cannot be read from the SD card file
“Initializing the SD card.” – No version information on the SD card, initialization
“No setting information in SD card.” – No config file
“Invalid system configuration.” – Config file is broken

How can an SD card get worn out?

An SD card gets worn out when it goes through many read-write cycles which may cause errors. Those errors unaddressed may seriously damage an SD card. So, we recommend to format your SD card using our SD Formatter every week or at least every 2-3 weeks. Also after formatting it is strongly recommended to update the firmware.

And always switch off the power prior to taking the SD card out of your Blackvue. (SD Card Formatter can be downloaded from here.

Blackvue doesn’t operate, only LEDs work.

If Blackvue On/Off LED is working, but Blackvue itself would not turn On/Off, press and hold the button on the side for 7 seconds to restart Blackvue. When the power is off, Blackvue will turn off. When the power is on, Blackvue will restart.* If such issue persists please call to our A/S centre.

Can Blackvue be rotated 360°?

Yes, main body can be manually rotated 360°. A vehicle’s interior video will be recorded upside down. Also you can install Blackvue to the rear window, to make rear view recordings.

What is viewing angle?

DR350 – 121 degrees
DR380G-HD – 120 degrees
DR400G-HD II – 120 degrees
DR500GW – 156 degrees
DR550GW-2CH – 156 degrees

How long is Blackvue warranty?

The warranty of Blackvue is 1 year from the purchase date. The warranty period for accessories and Micro SD card: 6 months. Please, keep the receipt.

What is Power Magic?

Power Magic is a device that supplies power to Blackvue from car battery according to the configured voltage or the configured timer to prevent the battery of the vehicle being discharged.

How can I check my recorded videos?

You can check your videos on a PC with Blackvue Viewer, on a navigator that supports MP4 file format, or on an Android smartphone with memory card slot.

Can I use Blackvue in a truck?

Yes, as 12V/24V power consumption allows Blackvue to be used both in passenger cars and trucks.

Can I use Blackvue at home?

Yes, to use Blackvue at home, please buy a 12V Home Adaptor.

What are PowerMagic and PowerMagic Pro?

PowerMagic is a car battery discharge prevention device that supplies power from the car battery to the black box. The power is cut automatically if the voltage drops the configured value or the configured time elapses to prevent the vehicle battery discharge. Both PowerMagic Pro and PowerMagic have the on/off button and multi-booting feature. If you turn on the Multi-Boot button, the black box will keep supplied with power even if the engine of the vehicle is off, until the timer setting cuts off the power. If you turn off the Multi-Boot button, the black box will not be supplied with power if the engine is off, if the engine is on, the black box will be supplied with power.

Where can I look up model name and serial number?

To look up the model name and serial number press the LOCK button on the holder, pull out Blackvue. The model name and serial number will be on the end that goes in the holder.

Can I use Blackvue in the front and in the back?

Yes, you can use two Blackvues. However, Blackvue is made to use in the front, but in the back the angle is different so video from the back camera might look a little different.

What is uninterrupted power supply unit?

An uninterrupted power supply unit connects Blackvue to the car battery. The power is cut automatically if the voltage drops the configured value or the configured time elapses to prevent the vehicle battery discharge. In other words, uninterrupted power supply unit (PowerMagic, PowerMagic Pro) allows you to use Blackvue even when the car engine is off.

What if I don’t have a spare cigar jack socket?

If you don’t have a spare socket, then buy a multi-cigar jack socket (sold separately).

How much video can I record on an SD card?

How to pull the Blackvue out from its holder?

Is the there a power button on Blackvue?

No, there isn’t. Blackvue automatically switches on when connect it to power supply either via cigar jack or to an uninterrupted power supply (PowerMagic, PowerMagic Pro).

How can I test if Blackvue gets the power?

Take out the SD card and start the Blackvue, if there’s power supply format the SD card, update the firmware and plug in the SD card back. If it does not help bring your Blackvue the A/S centre.

Blackvue automatically switches on when connect it to power supply either via cigar jack or to an uninterrupted power supply (PowerMagic, PowerMagic Pro).

What Android phones are compatible with the Android App?

You can download the latest Android compatibility lists for the DR550GW-2CH and the DR500GW WiFi models and see what Blackvue functions are available on your Android phone below –

BlackVue App HD playlist 500GW (ENG)
Title: BlackVue App HD playlist 500GW (ENG) (0 click)
Size: 19 kB
BlackVue App HD playlist 550GW (ENG)
Title: BlackVue App HD playlist 550GW (ENG) (0 click)
Size: 19 kB



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