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T-Power plus Alpha for Blackvue car Cameras  Official Blackvue Shop UK.jpg
T-Power plus Alpha for Blackvue Dashcams Official Blackvue Shop UKT-Power plus Alpha for Blackvue In Car Cameras Official Blackvue Shop UK.jpgT-Power plus Alpha for Blackvue car Cameras  Official Blackvue Shop UK.jpg

T-Power Plus ALPHA∝ Uninterruptible Power Supply for Blackvue Car Cameras and Other Dashcams by ANYPOWER

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T-Power PLUS is an advanced uninterruptible power supply and is the safest to power your Blackvue Car Camera or any other Dashcam.


This is latest T-Power Plus ALPHA∝ version and offers an improved charging time than other previous T-Power models.


The new patented fast charging technology with high capacity can charge up to 70% of the T-Powers full battery capacity in about 30 minutes


A Samsung Li-Ion battery makes the T-Power Plus ALPHA one of the best power supply pack for your Blackvue Dashcam or any other Car Camera brand.


Its compact size makes the T-Power Plus portable and you can charge it at home or your office with the optional AC charger.


T-Power Plus ALPHA 5V USB output port can charge your other 5V powered devices like smartphones, tablets and Bluetooth headsets while you are away.


The TRUE BYPASS function makes it much more practical to manage the T-Power Plus ALPHA when charging. When it is switched OFF, the power to the camera is still available whilst driving.


The T-Power Plus works by charging the battery of the unit while your car is on. When your car is turned off, the T-POWER PLUS uses its built-in battery to maintain power to your dash camera.It will then be ready to supply power to the Blackvue while in parking mode.


Once the battery is depleted of charge, the system will revert to using your cars battery to power the dash camera given it is at a safe voltage to do so.


T-Power Plus ALPHA is safe and is designed as an alternative power supply to your In Car Camera, it protects your vehicles battery performance.


No more dashboard power management systems error messages either for BMWs or any risk of voiding your vehicles warranty if you use the T-Power Plus ALPHA.


The 15,600 mAh battery in a T-Power Plus ALPHA can be fully charged within 1.5 hours and can power Blackvue Car Cameras up to –
*10 hours – DR650GW-2CH /  DR550GW-2CH  /  DR530W-2CH
*13 hours – DR600GW /  DR500GW



•- Bypass output and fast charging at the same time
•- 4 step low voltage cut-off for preventing vehicle battery discharge
•- No discharge by Zero Standby current
•- Huge capacity of 15,600mAh
•- Samsung, LG official Li-ion battery, Origin of Korea
•- Low heating for safety
•- 5V USB port to use 5V mobile and outdoor appliances
•- You can select a continuous connection or a cigarette lighter receptacle connection.
•- Auto-on function! Excellent durability
•- Everybody can install it very easily
The new T-Power PLUS ALPHA Uninterruptible Power Supply is currently the most advanced and sophisticated battery control solution for your car.



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Product Description

- Capacity: Li-Ion 3.7V 15,600mAh
– Nominal Capacity: 12V 5,200mAh
– Output: 12V DC / 5V USB
– Input: 12V DC
– Battery Protection: PCM prevents the device from being over-charged and over-discharged
– Dimension: 141 x 82 x 22mm
– Weight: 375g
– Charging method: private cable (DC Jack 5.5φ-2mm type)
– Operating temperature: Charge (0 ~ 45 ℃), Discharge (-10 ~ 60 ℃)
– Components: Main Device, Cigar Cable, Continuous Power Cable/ACC Cable, Output Cable
– 12V mini-sized home appliances – vehicle black box, car camera, dash cam, camera recorder, netbook computer, GPS, portable monitoring camera
– 5V appliances – smartphones, iPhone, iPad, tablet PC, outdoor lightings and more
-Battery level check: Protector ON/OFF button, battery level key and 4 green LEDs for checking the level
-Colour: Black
-Origin: Republic of Korea

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